What is XSquawkBox?

XSquawkBox is a plugin for X-Plane that allows you to fly with traffic and ATC provided by the VATSIM network.

What is the VATSIM Network?

From the VATSIM network website:

VATSIM (short for the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network) is a completely free online platform which allows virtual pilots, wherever they are in the world, to connect their flight simulators into one shared virtual world. VATSIM also simulates air traffic control in this virtual world, creating the ultimate as-real-as-it-gets experience for you, the virtual aviation enthusiast.

What does this let me do (in broad terms)?

XSquawkBox lets you fly using X-Plane, online, with other human pilots, with human provided ATC services.

What does it cost? / Terms and Conditions

Nothing - use of the VATSIM network and XSquawkBox are provided free of charge. This does not mean that it is a free-for-all, there are terms and conditions that apply to the use of both VATSIM and of the XSquawkBox software.

Use of VATSIM is subject to the VATSIM Code of Conduct and the VATSIM User Agreement. For more details, please refer to the VATSIM Network website.

Use of XSquawkBox 2 is subject to the XSquawkBox License. If you do not agree to the terms of the License, you may not use XSquawkBox.